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Election 2016 | Ohio incumbents are shoo-ins thanks to district maps

WASHINGTON — If the map-drawers wanted to eliminate competition for congressional seats, they did a fantastic job. The 16 U.S. House of Representatives races in Ohio are likely to be the safest of safe bets in November, according to those watching the political climate. Don’t chalk it up to satisfaction with Congress. All were drawn solidly Republican or Democrat in 2012’s redistricting process, which was led by the Republican-majority Ohio legislature. All House incumbents in 2014 won with at least 58 percent of the vote.

Nationwide Arena looks for path past casino revenue shortfall

In the five years since Columbus and Franklin County officials approved the public purchase of Nationwide Arena, not one payment has been made on the loans used to buy it. The money needed to pay off the arena likely never will come from the casino tax receipts that were promised but so far have grossly underperformed expectations. And that means public ownership of the arena likely will remain in question. It appears more and more likely that, instead, the public will pay for the upkeep of an arena it might never pay off.

Reader request | Mini-phobias, anyone? We'd like to hear about them

We know a woman who won't touch cotton balls because she can't stand the feel of them. And, when one of our co-workers eats a Popsicle, she melts it in a microwave and enjoys it like soup, to avoid touching the stick. How about you: Do you have a similar mini-phobia or quirky habit? If you don't mind sharing, send us the details.


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